It's a cozy place for
Have an intimate conversation with your friends and families over a flavorful cup of our Nusantara coffee. Complete your day with our delicious meals and beverages.

Nusantara Coffee

Explore Indonesia through coffee! You get to choose your taste of coffee from Flores, Java, Bali, Aceh, Papua, and Toraja. Find your new taste, find out your new love.


An empty stomach will never interrupt your social life in here. We serve anything from breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. Don't worry! We speak the good food language.

Free Internet

It's all about getting intimate with your friends and families. And it's about getting your work done too. Free wifi is always available for you.

Cozy Environment

We believe in making our place as cozy as possible. Our staff will always listen to you and serve you something you'll love. Hi Rosée is a perfect place for students, workers, families, and everyone!


Schedule a quality time with your friends and families. Secure your place now for free!